Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Recent Computer Support Problems

I thought it would be good to start blogging about some of the recent computer support problems we have solved. So here goes;

I have an ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series video card. While installing ATi (Catalyst)
video drivers the inf file was not found. I can't update my video card. My video
software is not working well and Windows Update won't update. The driver update
I down loaded from ATi also can't find the int file. Any suggestion?
I am using a Dell Dimension 1100 running WindowsXP Home, which I have only had a
couple of weeks.
I am on Dial-up.
The PC did not have an internal modem, so I installed an Agere WinModem with
the latest drivers. I tried computer support with no joy.

My problem is that I am able to connect to the internet without a problem,
first time, but after a disconnection, either manual or because my dial-up
session has ended, then I am unable to reconnect unless I reboot or restart the
computer. When I try to reconnect after a disconnection, without rebooting, it
seems to go through the normal process, dials in, then gets to the "verifying
username and password" stage, stays ther for a longer time than normal, then
gives me an "ERROR 619".

I have disabled the LAN, I have deleted the dial-up connection and made a new
one, but still have the computer support problem.

All Windows updates are current, I checked with computer support.

My previous computer was an Acer, running XP Pro, also on dial-up, and connected
via an internal modem to the same ISP with whome I have been for several years.
I did not have any problems at all with connecting.I need computer support.

Can someone please give me an idea of what is wrong? I fail to see that it is a
modem or driver problem because it connects after a reboot without ANY problems
at all. I cannot help but think it is something simple such as perhaps a
setting that I have missed. Arghh computer support.

I am not computer savy, so any response in plain english would really be

Thanks in advance.
And we fixed all of them...more to follow.

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