Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Xen Jewellery and Block Jewellery at RockCandy Gallery

One of our valued customers is RockCandy Gallery in Edinburgh, who supply some stunning pieces by Block Jewellery and XEN Jewellery.  We have enjoyed working with them, as they have a superb following of loyal customers, appreciative of the care and attention RockCandy Gallery put into their stock.
Their XEN Jewellery range is exclusive to Edinburgh.  Xen Jewellery was founded in Germany back in the early 90s, and uses only the highest quality hypo allergenic materials in their products.  Stainless steel which is unique qualities of resilience is amongst the materials used,.  Of course gold also featured strongly in the XEN Jewellery range, as well as diamonds, which of course reflects Jewellery in its purest form.

XEN have a unique ethos, ensuring that all the products conform, are pure and full of spirit.  This is certainly the case for the entire range stocked by RockCandy Gallery.  In a world where everyone is very busy and life moves at a hectic pace, XEN Jewellery represents a different way of thinking and an escape from reality.

Another brand stocked by RockCandy Gallery is BlockJewellery.  Colourful, and charming, with a hint of ambition and flair.  The Block Jewellery range is a break from the norm, and their entire collection gives consumers a chance to stand out from the crowd by making a statement with your c choice of jewellery.

Block Jewellery offer chunky modern looks, made in sterling silver and stunning shades of aqua, ice lime, and ocean blue.  They also have candy, rouge, paprika and OJ, as well as their early tones of olive, slate and their provocative Coffee.

Block Jewellery has a brilliant collection of bangles and rings, as well as necklaces and men’s cufflinks.  If you want to purchase a brand of Jewellery that puts colour into your day, then you really cannot go far wrong with Block Jewelllery.

The recent Block Jewellery collection of Earrings and Bracelets are entitled (affectionately), Lovestruck and Cloud Nine.  Once you wear Block, you really will be on cloud nine and never look back.

So why not visit RockCandy Gallery and see their stunning range of Jewellery first hand, either via their website or their store in the heart of Edinburgh.

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