Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Architect In Guildford

We were recently looking for an Architect In Guildford, and got to wondering what an Architect should actually do. Architects are responsible for making the dreams of many home buyers come true. It also means as an architect you are carrying an immense burden of responsibilities and it’s your job to live up to the expectations of your clients. If you are studying to be an architect or are already working as one, you will need to know some important services that you have to provide not only to ensure client satisfaction but to stand leagues ahead of your contemporaries as well.

Assessment of a property or an already existing structure is the first task on hand for an architect. It will be upon you to ensure that the final result will be safe, functional, sustainable and high on aesthetics value. And the only way of establishing that is by understanding what your clients look for. You might understand your job like no one else, but it’s your clients’ vision for the property that matters. Hence, right at the onset you need to have meetings with your clients to find out what they are looking for; it will save you a lot of time and effort in the future, and there won’t be any misplaced expectations from your clients.

As an architect in Guildford, or any other area, you would not be in a position to influence the decision made my local councils regarding permissions and approval for building. However, it’s important that you make sure your clients understand that as well. Having said that, you will have to do everything you can to ensure that the building or renovation project goes according to plan. And that will involve dealing with the planning commission and being at your best at all times to convince the authorities about the viability of the specific project.

Once you have the necessary permissions, you have to make sure that the design layout you have come up with is taken to its logical conclusion. There was a time when architects would try and explain these design layouts through blueprints and plans, which didn’t always work with clients. However, now architects can make the most of technological advances and present 3D drawings to their clients. These drawings give a better idea of how the plan would look in real, making it easier for your clients to grasp your vision.

Preparing these drawings and reports for your clients is one aspect of your job; advising them about the financial viability of their project is another. It will involve dealing with professional contractors, engineers etc. Preparing reports that are updated on a regular basis for your clients is another service you should provide as it will maintain transparency in your work and build your clients’ trust, which goes a long way in creating an impeccable reputation in this industry.
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